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Bad Boys Blue

The 80's are back! And BAD BOYS BLUE are one of the top sellers of the time. Since 1985, there has been no getting away from BAD BOYS BLUE in hit parades throughout Europe, and their superb melodic dance-pop rhythms even made it into the American charts


C617482e6013397e1caf86ea5c8a0ae3 Bad Boys Blue - Love Is No Crime
Release Date: 1987-10-12
Come Back And Stay Musicload
If You Call On Me Musicload
Victim Of Your Love Musicload
Love Is No Crime Musicload
Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' Musicload
I Remember Mary Musicload
Charlene Musicload
Inside Of Me Musicload
Why (Misty Eyes) Musicload
Kiss You All Over, Baby (New Version) Musicload


Pretty Young Girl

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